Wednesday, March 13, 2013

US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Coins sales up 43% and 87% respectively YTD

There have been a lot of headlines about record gold and silver sales from the US Mint in January and February.  Gold and silver bullion sales data are available from the US Mint at:

Bullion sales of gold eagles, gold buffalos, and silver eagles are off to a very strong start in 2013.  This certainly indicates strong demand for physical gold and silver.  However, the data could be a little misleading because sales in some months could be low due to supply constraints.

Gold bullion includes Eagles and Buffalos.  US Mint sales of proofs and uncirculated collectible coins are not considered bullion.

Interestingly, the ratio of silver versus gold sold by the US Mint increased dramatically in the last several years.  Although the ratio is still not nearly as high as current relative market values of gold and silver ($1600/$30 or 53:1).

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