Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sheriff Wanted - no questions asked

Please do not view my post yesterday 'O Hunt Brothers Where Art Thou' as an endorsement of the Hunt brothers and financiers gaming commodity markets to raise costs for the productive economy.  My desire to have fraud in the precious metals markets and everywhere else in our current global financial systems exposed is so strong that it does not matter who or how.  Once the amount of corruption is revealed people might demand, find, and hold accountable leaders who will make systematic changes to prevent the control frauds that 'run' our institutions today.

Seems that we need a good crisis.  Let's not waste the next 'opportunity'.

It will be fascinating to watch the oligarchs start fighting themselves.  They will have to start fighting each other because that's where the money is.  Every day there are fewer 'middle-class' with anything left to appropriate.

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