Monday, June 10, 2013

Rik Green's Investors Forum Growth Portfolio down 4.3% in May

Let's quantify the damage.  I have not been looking forward to this.  I have not been putting it off, honest.  We just returned from a week long vacation to the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks.  It was a great trip.  No time spent thinking about commodity market manipulation and governmental internet surveillance. 

RG's growth portfolio <Port-faux-lio> lost 4.3% in May and the S&P500 gained 2.0%.  CVX was up 0.6% while GG, PSLV, PHYS, and CEF continue to suffer from the precious metals smack down.  PSLV was down 8.7% and PHYS and CEF were down about 6.5%.  GG lost only 1.6% during May.  Gold and Silver finished May down 6.0% at $1,388 and at $22.27 down 8.5%, respectively.  It seems that the precious metal mining stocks gained some valuation multiple expansion in May because GG was down only 1.6% while gold was down 6.0%.

Year to date the port-faux-lio is down 9.2% and the S&P 500 is up 14.3%.  CVX daily closing price hit an all time high of $126.43 during May.   On May 14th the port-faux-lio traded some CVX shares for CDE and SLW.  At the end of May this trade saved 1% or $275.  CDE and SLW are almost flat to the May 14th acquisition price and CVX is down about 1% since then.  

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