Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rik Green's growth portfolio up 2.2% in January

Rik Green's growth portfolio <Port-faux-lio> gained 2.2% in January and the S&P500 was up 4.8%.  CVX outpaced the S&P500 and was up 6%.  The precious metals funds were up 2% offset by a 4% decline in GG.  The gold mining sector continues to suffer from throwing good money after gold that costs more than $1,600/ounce to get out of the ground.    Market valuations for strong gold mining companies are going to take off once the market sorts out the herd.  CVX ended January at $115.15 per share close to its high last September of $118.53.  At $115 per share the dividend yield on CVX is just over 2.3%, which makes it attractive if you can lever up 99 to 1 with zero interest money.  More on that later.

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