Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren attended her fist banking committee hearing a couple days ago and took the SEC to task for not being tough enough with Wall Street.  Good for her!  Someone is finally doing something to clean up the financial system.  I am not even going to mention her political party affiliation for fear of distracting from the main issue: reforming the financial system. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren's first banking committee hearing.  "Too big to fail has become too big for trial"

You may remember that after the financial crisis and bank bailout in 2007/2008, Warren set up and was Obama's nominee to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Her nomination was not confirmed after intense lobbying efforts by the big banks.  In November she successfully ran for United States Senator for Massachusetts.  

The number one, first priority for my great country is to reform the financial system and break the big banks and corporations hold on the government.  Senator Warren is the only senator or congressperson who at least appears to be stepping up as a reformer.  We need to show her and other politicians that they can stand up to the big money interests, that voters will not be diluted by divisive social and hot-button issues.  Financial reformers will be re-elected until, as Jesse writes "the banks have been restrained, and the financial system reformed, with balance restored to the economy."  

You can contact Senator Warren with word of encouragement here:

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