Friday, January 3, 2014

Rik Green Investor Forum Growth Portfolio down 1% in December and 17% in 2013

The growth Port-faux-lio lost 0.8% of its value in December while the S&P 500 gain 2.4%.  Gold was down 4.1% and silver was down 2.6% during the month and all the Port-faux-lios precious metals related investments lost a similar amount.  CVX saved the monthly results and was up 2.7% including dividends.  CVX is 42% of the port-faux-lios value.

Good thing that I held off rotating more CVX to precious metals last month.

Year to date the Port-faux-lio lost 17.2% while the S&P gained 30%.  CVX gained 20% including dividends.  PHYS was down 30% and the miners and silver funds were down about 40%.  A terrible year.  At least 2014 is off to a good start.

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