Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rik Green's Investors Forum Growth Portfolio down 5% in September

Rik Green's growth portfolio <Port-faux-lio> lost 5.5% in September while the S&P500 gained 3.0%.  CVX which is 38% of the portfolio's value was flat and GG which is 22% of the value dropped 12% during September.  Gold and silver lost 5% and 8% respectively during the month.  PSLV, PHYS, CEF, SLW, and AUY all depreciated about the same as their underlying precious metal.  CDE was down 17% and is almost as low as at the end of June which was the lowest it has been since 2009.  In July, CDE rebounded from its June low and appreciated almost 50% in one month.  CDE is a volatile stock.

Year to date the port-faux-lio is down 11.3% and the S&P 500 is up 17.9%.  Gold and silver ended September at $1,329 and $21.70, respectively which is down 21% and 29% year to date.

In mid-May and August the port-faux-lio traded some CVX shares for more gold and silver related investments.  The trade does not looks so good right now as CVX is currently about flat with its sale price, but SLW, CDE, AUY, and PHYS are down.  This is a good time to double down, because CVX is still over $120 per share and the precious metals are beaten down.

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